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Liz Earle Blogger Event

Hi everyone,

Last Thursday I went to an amazing Blogger Event held by Liz Earle at Filmore & Union.  The event started at 6.30 pm and they demonstrated their skin care products and talked about the brand which was very informative.

Background to Liz Earle

Liz Earle started in 1995 and began selling their products on QVC in 1996.  The first product they developed was Cleanse and Polish and this product has been their best seller ever since (this is a product that I will admit I only recently started using and I absolutely love it).  All their products can be used by all skin types and they are 100% natural and cruelty free.

Their head office is based on the Isle of Wight and they are very proud to be able to have the cruelty-free bunny logo on all their products and this is one of the reasons they will never sell their products in China.  Also if they cannot grow an ingredient then they will ethically resource the required ingredient or material, such as the cotton in their face cloths is ethically resourced from a farm in India.  They are also proud of the fact that their packaging is recyclable and also the clear packaging on their products is made from, believe it or not, potato starch.  Therefore it is 100% biodegradable.

Now to the products

Cleanse and Polish

This product is perfect for removing make up or just for a daily cleanser.  The base of the product is Cocoa Butter with Chamomile and Eucalyptus oil.  If you do use the Cleanse and Polish to remove your make up I would suggest doing a second cleanse as this will ensure that all of your make up is removed.

The clot provided with the product is make from 100% ethically resourced cotton and is fantastic to remove make up as it will exfoliate your skin as you remove the product.

If you want a product to start with I would therefore strongly recommend the Cleanse and Polish.

Skin Tonic

The toner is available in both a spritzer and also an ordinary bottle.

This product will renew the ph level in your skin after you have cleansed.  This product can be used as a toner but also as a refreshing spritz during the day.  It can be used over make up to freshen it up during the day if you want, I would not suggest for one minute using this as a setting spray but if your skin starts to feel a bit tight during the day (especially useful in the summer months) then you can spray this on your face and feel refreshed.   The other use for the Skin Tonic is after you have been in the sun and if you have caught the sun on your face this can be used to calm the skin as one of the ingredients in the Skin Tonic is Aloe Vera.



This product can be used after you have cleansed and toned or as a cold compress if your eyes start to feel a bit tired.  If this is how you want to use it then I would suggest putting some soaked cotton pads in the fridge and then when you need to put some compresses on your eyes you have these ready and chilled for use. (The Eyebright is the third bottle in this picture)


Eye Cream

This is part of their “Superskin” range of products which is helps in slowing down the ageing process (you can never stop the ageing process but delaying a little is a brilliant idea!!).  This contains Rosemary and Rose hip Extract.  This is applied under the eye and on the brow bone.  You should never apply eye cream on to your eyelids.


Face Serum

This can be used by all skin types and contains Persian Silk extract, Pomegranate and Rhubarb Extract.  You only need to use 2 pumps of this therefore it will last you a long time and is worth the money.  It is unfragranced and can be used morning and night and is always used before you use a moisturizer.

Speaking of moisturizer.

They have two different types of moisturizer:-

The SuperSkin range which is for combination/oily skin type and the Skin Repair range which is for dry/sensitive skin type.

The SuperSkin moisturizer is the one that I am currently trialling and so far I am loving it.  The moisturizer contains natural neroli and Cranberry and Rosehip Seed Oils.  I will admit that I was sceptical as I have only tried the skin tonic which I love using but I am impressed!!

The Skin Repair moisturizer contains Borage and Avocado Oil, Echinacea, Beta-Carotene and natural Vitamin E.  This is a brilliant moisturizer if you suffer from dry/sensitive skin.


Liz Earle also has make-up, a body care range including their Orange Blossom hand cream, perfume and a range of products for men.  Once again everything is 100% natural and 100% cruelty-free.

If you are not sure what you are looking for or whether a brand is cruelty-free there is a website you can check out and I have put a link to the website below

List of Officially Cruelty-Free Brands | 2017

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this blog and find it helpful.  There will be some exciting things happening in the near future with Lizanne-Style and I hope you will be patient with me while this happens and thank you for all your support.

All my love

Lizanne-Style xoxo


My experience at Button Beauty Academy

If anyone didn’t know one thing about me is that I am a qualified Nail Technician (as well as many other things).  After I qualified in 2013 my former tutor Amber Button decided to open a beauty academy (she is the best tutor I have had the pleasure of learning from).  So after nearly five years I figured that it was time my nails got dealt with (they were not in the best of shape!)

Now I have tried other nail salons before but my nails always ended up weak, thin and brittle.  So I decided to contact Amber and see what she could do with them.  The academy is very easy to find as it is situated on Park View in Whitley Bay and, as the atmosphere and welcome are very warm and friendly.  The salon is fantastic and I love how the nail salon is at the front of the building.  The technicians who work there are very friendly and very helpful.







Now my experience has been nothing short of brilliant.  I decided to get acrylic extensions with gel overlay and they are fantastic.  The only issue I had were with the gel overlay chipping which was purely down to my nails.  However they were very quick at fixing them and I was very impressed.  I will point out one thing out the issues I had were purely down to my nails and 100% no reflection on Amber or her technicians.

The extensions have survived three whole weeks intact even though I will admit I have put them through enough that would normally have damaged my normal nails  but these have stayed in put!!

Three weeks nails


After infills


The prices are very reasonable and if you want to check out Amber’s academy I will leave a link to her website below:-

If you are over in the North East of England on holiday and thinking where can I get my nails done for a reasonable price please check out her website.  All her prices are listed on there for your information.

This blog is not sponsored and all the opinions are mine and mine alone.

Hope you enjoy and check her website.


Lizanne-style xoxo

What music and playlists I am listening to at the moment

Hey guys

As it is approaching that time of year where everyone seems to feel like a big kid (yeah I mean CHRISTMAS!!!!) I figured that I would let you guys know what music I am listening to and also what playlists I am listening to and created on Spotify (no this is not sponsored by them!!!!).

I will admit the choices are quite eclectic ranging from Country music to Pop but I figured what the hell this is what I enjoy listening to.  So here goes:-

Country Music

I am absolutely loving listening to country music at the minute especially on my way into work and the music ranges from Blake Shelton to Kelsea Ballerini.  My favourite Country song at the minute has to be by Jason Aldean called “Burnin’ it Down”.  I think it is quite a sexy song and I absolutely love listening to it.

Pop Music

There are really only two people (one is a group) that I am currently listening to and they are Little Mix and Olly Murs.  I think they are absolutely brilliant and the Little Mix albums definitely get you in a frame of mind where you can conquer absolutely anything especially the song “Power”.

Now getting onto Spotify.  I have created a number of playlists on here which as you can probably tell from above are mainly country music.  However I have created a couple of playlists that are not 100% country and they are:-

Packing for vacation

Tidying playlist

RnB Mix

Morning Routine


Alesha (purely because I think she is fantastic)

Sleep Playlist

Winter Morning Routine

Ariane Winter (Ok I admit it I like Ariane Grande – more since what she did for Manchester!!)

Christmas (this was a given as I couldn’t find an excuse to constantly Jon Bon Jovi – Please Come Home For Christmas at any other time)

I hope you like the music and also I hope you are enjoying the blogs so far!

Happy reading peeps and let me know what you think of the playlists (once again I am not sponsored by Spotify – if I was you guys know I would tell you!)

Love ya!!

Lizanne-style xoxo

November Favourites

Hey peeps.

I haven’t done a favourites since I started this blog so I decided to do one now.

A lot of my favourites for November are not make-up related but there is still some make-up that I have loved using in November.

Make-up Favourites

NYX Total Drops Foundation

I have been using this the whole month of November and am absolutely loving it.  It has been fantastic for my skin and used in conjunction with my other favourite make-up product of this month my foundation looks flawless all day.

Too faced Hydrating Primer

I use this in conjunction with the Make Up Forever Mattifying primer to control an oily T-Zone.  I find that this primer also acts as a very lightweight moisturiser and ensures that my foundation (high-end or drugstore) always looks flawless.

Make Up Forever Eyeshadow

The Make Up Forever Eyeshadows are in my opinion the best that I have tried so far.  There is virtually no kickback when you pick up shadow on your brush and virtually no fall out even from the gold shadow which contains a small amount of glitter.  They are easy to blend and do not lose their pigmentation and the shimmery shades are easily intensified by using MAC Fix +.  I would recommend these shadows to anyone, however, as they are high-end I would recommend getting the refill plans and making your own palette.

I cannot do a monthly favourites without mentioning my favourite make-up brand which is Nars Cosmetics.  It may not please everyone that I like Nars make-up but it is my personal opinion that they have a very good selection of make up ranging from primers to liquid lipsticks etc.

My non-make-up favourites

Primark clothing

What can I say except Yay!!!!!

The jeans are the softest and most comfortable jeans every and for between £9.00 to £10.00 you cannot go wrong.  I will keep buying these as even when washed they still retain their shape more than other brands I have tried.

Their cardigans are the best and for £8.00 I had to buy 2.  They are perfect for travelling and layering as they can be easily worn under a leather jacket if you get too cold.

As I was going on a weeks’ holiday at the end of September I decided that I needed a small backpack and as I was already shopping in Primark I decided to have a look and see what they had.  I was going to have a look at their shoes department and had to walk past the bags.  I then spotted their small backpacks and decided to have a look.  I was thinking there was nothing there when I saw a blue backpack with a lot of bright coloured embroidery on it.  I decided that it would be perfect and it is!!! For £9.00 it is well worth the money and has been my go to bag ever since I came back from holiday.

I will admit I did buy some gym wear in Primark but as I have not worn it apart from the trainers which I will say are the comfiest trainers I have ever wore (memory foam inner sole) and for £10.00 I was very pleasantly surprised.

I apologise that all the non-make-up favourites are from Primark but what can I say they are fantastic from price and quality.  Although the clothes tend to cost from between £8.00 to £20.00 the quality is as good as something that costs £50.

Hope you enjoy the blog!!!!

Happy reading peeps

Lizanne-style xoxo


Fudget Budget App Review

Hey Peeps.

I use this app everyday to help me budget and it really works.  I wish I had discovered this app ages ago!!!

This app is free on iTunes and Android phones but it does have in-app purchases (these are upgrades).  If you are not sure then I would suggest trying the free version first for a few months to see how you find it.  Admittedly I have only been using it for a month but I love it!!!!

Everytime I want to buy something I check my phone and see what my balance is and if it is below a certain amount I walk away.  The best rule I have ever come across is if you see something you like think a) what do I have that will go with it, b) will I use it more than once and c) am I able to pay cash if not walk away.

Now I will admit that I am not the best with money but this app has helped loads.  As soon as I see that I am getting to a certain level on my balance I know that I can’t spend anymore.  I also try and stick to a budget of about £300 per month which has to pay for day to day living.

I am also considering getting an app to help with keeping track of my budget.  I will see what’s out there and review it later for you guys.

Happy reading & hope you find this helpful.

Lizanne-style xoxo