My experience at Button Beauty Academy

If anyone didn’t know one thing about me is that I am a qualified Nail Technician (as well as many other things).  After I qualified in 2013 my former tutor Amber Button decided to open a beauty academy (she is the best tutor I have had the pleasure of learning from).  So after nearly five years I figured that it was time my nails got dealt with (they were not in the best of shape!)

Now I have tried other nail salons before but my nails always ended up weak, thin and brittle.  So I decided to contact Amber and see what she could do with them.  The academy is very easy to find as it is situated on Park View in Whitley Bay and, as the atmosphere and welcome are very warm and friendly.  The salon is fantastic and I love how the nail salon is at the front of the building.  The technicians who work there are very friendly and very helpful.







Now my experience has been nothing short of brilliant.  I decided to get acrylic extensions with gel overlay and they are fantastic.  The only issue I had were with the gel overlay chipping which was purely down to my nails.  However they were very quick at fixing them and I was very impressed.  I will point out one thing out the issues I had were purely down to my nails and 100% no reflection on Amber or her technicians.

The extensions have survived three whole weeks intact even though I will admit I have put them through enough that would normally have damaged my normal nails  but these have stayed in put!!

Three weeks nails


After infills


The prices are very reasonable and if you want to check out Amber’s academy I will leave a link to her website below:-

If you are over in the North East of England on holiday and thinking where can I get my nails done for a reasonable price please check out her website.  All her prices are listed on there for your information.

This blog is not sponsored and all the opinions are mine and mine alone.

Hope you enjoy and check her website.


Lizanne-style xoxo

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