Review of Nars at Fenwick, Newcastle upon Tyne

As everyone knows I love Nars skincare and make up and that any weekend you can guarantee I will be checking out what is new on the stand. Now the one thing I of all people missed was the expansion into Fenwick in Newcastle upon Tyne (how the hell did I miss that one!)

As an avid Nars purchaser I did go and visit the new stand at Fenwick and it is brilliant. The girls who work there are very welcoming, friendly and know their stuff!! If you don’t have access to Fenwick you don’t need to panic as they are still available in John Lewis.

The stand is set out brilliantly with all the foundations and concealers and powders in the centre and all the lipstick collections set out around the sides in their shades (Nudes, Pinks and bolds). If you go and want to try out their foundations then I would strongly suggest getting the girls to colour match you. When you get colour matched don’t think about getting the wrong colour because I can guarantee you won’t!!

All the Nars foundations are designed to be applied with your fingers and that is how the girls apply it. If that is not how you normally apply your foundation don’t worry as they can be applied with a brush or beauty sponge.

If you do go and visit then I can promise you you will not regret it!!!!

I hope you enjoy this blog and please comment below and let me know what blog posts you would like to see in the future as I promise I will be better at posting on time this year!!

Enjoy guys

Lizanne-style xoxo

4 thoughts on “Review of Nars at Fenwick, Newcastle upon Tyne

  1. If you like their lipsticks I would suggest trying their liquid lipsticks. They are one of the most comfortable formulas I have ever tried. I would also suggest getting colour matched for their foundations. ?

  2. I will admit they are pricey but their products last a long time. Also if you ask the sales assistant I am sure they will happily give you a sample of the product you want. Better to try a sample first before jumping in and buying the full size. ?

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