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Morning Skincare Routine

Hi guys

This is the skin care routine I use in the morning.  Some of the items are drugstore and some are high-end but all the products have been bought by me.

Here we go.

This first thing I do in the morning is wash my face using the Nivea Face Wash Gel which I love.


Once I have patted my face dry (I never rub my face dry!) I go to my dressing table and use my favourite toner which is the Pixi Glow Tonic.


Then it depends on how my skin feels as to whether I use a serum or not (I always use on in the evening) but I always use an eye cream and moisturizer.  The ones I am currently using at the moment and absolutely loving are the Bobbie Brown Eye Repair Cream and the Bobbie Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base.  The face base moisturiser is certainly one that I love using in the morning as it wakes me up with the citrus scent.


If I do use a serum the one I use the first thing in the morning is the Bobbie Brown Remedies Skin Moisture Solution No 86 as my skin gets very dehydrated during the day and this seems to keep it moisturised under the makeup.


Hope you enjoy this blog and find it helpful.

Love you guys and thanks for the support since starting this blog.

Lizanne-Style xoxo

Fudget Budget App Review

Hey Peeps.

I use this app everyday to help me budget and it really works.  I wish I had discovered this app ages ago!!!

This app is free on iTunes and Android phones but it does have in-app purchases (these are upgrades).  If you are not sure then I would suggest trying the free version first for a few months to see how you find it.  Admittedly I have only been using it for a month but I love it!!!!

Everytime I want to buy something I check my phone and see what my balance is and if it is below a certain amount I walk away.  The best rule I have ever come across is if you see something you like think a) what do I have that will go with it, b) will I use it more than once and c) am I able to pay cash if not walk away.

Now I will admit that I am not the best with money but this app has helped loads.  As soon as I see that I am getting to a certain level on my balance I know that I can’t spend anymore.  I also try and stick to a budget of about £300 per month which has to pay for day to day living.

I am also considering getting an app to help with keeping track of my budget.  I will see what’s out there and review it later for you guys.

Happy reading & hope you find this helpful.

Lizanne-style xoxo

NYX Total Drops Foundation Review

Hey peeps!

In case anyone has either tried this foundation or is thinking about buying it here is my opinion: DO IT!!!!

I bought this foundation a couple of months ago and, I will be honest when I heard this was being released I thought that the whole idea was a gimmick! I figured that the foundation would breakdown quickly and not survive a full day of wear.  However I was surprised as it was easy to colour match (colour matched myself to perfection).


Colour match any foundation to your neck – I know it sounds crazy but as you will blend your foundation down onto your neck you will want a shade that does not show a tide line!!!!

The foundation can be applied two ways the first way is by dropping the necessary amount of foundation on to a mixing palette (Sallys Express have a mixing palette which comes with a mixing tool) and applying with a beauty sponge.  Alternatively you can drip the foundation directly onto your face using the dropper.  I apply the foundation this way as I know that I can get the correct amount of coverage for me.

When using the dropper method you have to work fast as it will continue moving down your face.  I use a buffing brush when the foundation this way as I have more control.

The foundation costs £14 for 13ml ($13.99 at Ulta if you are in America).  There are 24 shades ranging from Alabaster to Deep Espresso.  You can get the Total Drops brush to apply the foundation but if you already have a buffing brush you can use what you already have.

This product will last a long time as you don’t need a lot and when I run out I will definitely be buying again and would highly recommend getting a sample if you can to make sure that the foundation suits your skin before buying the full size.

Here are some pictures of the foundation and also a swatch so that you can see what the colour I matched myself with looks like.

Hope you enjoy this blog review and find the info helpful.

Happy reading peeps!

Lizanne-style xoxo