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Arbonne Product Review

I have tried the Arbonne skincare and make up products for the past two or three days and I can say that I would highly recommend the skincare (I have had no reactions whatsoever) however the same cannot be said for the make up.  Anyway here are my opinion starting with skincare.  Here is a picture of what you receive when doing a product trial



 Arbonne Review

I have tried this for two or three days now and here are my thoughts:


Arbonne exfoliator

I found the exfoliator very easy to use.  The exfoliating beads are small and gentle and a small amount goes a long way (you only need a pea size amount of product).  You do have to massage in circular motions and you may feel a slight tingling or heat sensation but it is nothing to worry about it just means that the product has been activated properly.  I would suggest using a face cloth to remove the product afterwards and pat your face dry (never rub your face dry).  Your skin will be left smooth and soft afterwards.



Arbonne cleanser

This product is very liquidity and a little goes along way.  It lathers up very nicely and is very gentle on your skin.  Since using the cleanser/toner I have noticed that any breakouts I have are now less than before and once again it left my skin very soft and you will need to remove it with a face cloth/muslin cloth.


Oil Control Day lotion

Arbonne oil control lotion

As I have combination skin (dry skin and oily T Zone) I was not expecting much from this lotion but I was pleasantly surprised from the first day of using it.  Although this product you do use morning and night it is extremely light and leaves your skin really soft.  It is absorbed really quickly and does not leave a greasy feeling behind which is great as your primer will sit perfectly on top.


Mattifying Powder

Arbonne Mattifying powder

This product is to be used after your moisturiser in the morning and before your primer.  If you want to this as a setting powder you can do (I did with the foundation and the CC Cream).  The one thing I will say about this powder is that it certainly keeps your foundation (or any base) matt all day.  I usually have to blot during the day as it can get quite warm (even for the UK) in the summer sometimes so I normally have to blot at least once or twice a day and with this I didn’t need to at all.

Now onto the Make up which I didn’t have such a good time with.


Arbonne primer

This product is Paraben free, Vegan and Cruelty Free (as are all their products).  I tried it and I will admit it did leave my skin feeling velvety smooth and my foundation did go on smoothly.  However, when it comes to making the foundation last all day that it does not do! I found that my foundation broke down in my T Zone as usual but also, surprisingly on my cheek which I have never had with any other foundation.  I can only assume that my skin did not like either the primer or the foundation (which is also by Arbonne).



Arbonne foundation

The foundation is quite thick and does go on very nicely and you will only need one to one and a half pumps. The only issue I personally have with this product is that it did break down on my quite quickly (by about 11 am it had started to breakdown on me – I had applied the make up at about 6.30 in the morning so it last approximately five hours before breaking down).


CC Cream

Arbonne CC Cream

Regarding this product most of my opinions of this are the same as for the foundation except that when it started to breakdown it left a ring around my nose down to my chin which is very strange and never happened before either.



In conclusion I would highly recommend the Arbonne skincare but when it comes to the makeup I would not recommend (this is my personal opinion).

If you want to find out more about Arbonne or do a two/three day product trial and you are in the North East of England then I would suggest contacting Ashleigh Dyson on Instagram @ashdyson3 or facebook at AshleighDysonBusiness.  Her website is


Hope you find this review useful and if you do go for the trial I hope you enjoy the products.